Life P2 Mini upcoming

Premiere of Life P2 Mini annouced by Anker Official Store on Aliexpress.
Date: 9 August
Price: $29.87
Looks like it will be the most affordable TWS earbuds.


Thanks for the information. Good, low price for the new Soundcore product :slightly_smiling_face:.
In Poland, from July 1, it is no longer profitable to buy on Aliexpress: we have additional tax + additional shipping cost for Poczta Polska.


Thanks for sharing. Always like to check out new stuff. :+1:


They’re going to be known by a different name in USA stores


Hmmm very interesting I wonder what they will be known in the us as but definitely good to know something is in the works

@The_Professor maybe new name for USA market… life p2- or life Pi?

Oh maybe we should have a naming contest?

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Life Note 2 Mini ?

The FCC listing shows two product codes which is what they did with the Life Note 3 aka P3, etc.

The other name for the Life P2 Mini is the Life Note E.,%20Soundcore%20Life%20Note%20E%20[A3944,%20A3943]