Life P2 won't enter pairing mode

Phone - Samsunbg Galaxy A72
Earbuds - Soundcore Life P2

Suddenly the earbuds stopped playing. When one tries to start the music or video, it just won’t play, and the progress bar would not move. At the same time, the phone is working fine with other Soundcore bluetooth earphones and with bluetooth JBL speaker. We have tried to reset the earbuds several times, to forget them on the phone and to reconnect again, but nothing helped. At some point, after another restart, they have just stopped entering pairing mode upon being taken out of the case. The are entering mono pairing mode when I hold the button on either of the buds, but not into normal stereo pairing mode (which is supposed to be happening automatically after the reset, when the buds are taken out of the case).

Has someone ever faced any similar behavior. Any ideas how to fix it would be much appreciated.

The pair that we have has not had the issue and we had them for a bit.

Try delete pairing, turn off bt. Reset phone. Reset p2, turn on bt and see if pair. If they still do not pair conta t

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It looks like the buds have a hardware fault, but try these ideas.

The reset signal must get through to the buds so clean the case and the buds pins using isopropyl alcohol, let them dry, then plug case into power for an hour, leave the case powered.

Delete pairings, bluetooth off.

Buds, while case still connected to power, follow the reset instructions but leave the buds in the case.

Reboot phone to recovery, wipe cache (not data!), boot.

(by now enough time should have passed for the buds to fully completed reset)

Pair buds.

If problem persists then email , include serial number (small print on case, zoom good camera photo) , proof of purchase such as Amazon invoice , description of fault and steps you already tried, delivery address and wait til Tuesday for reply.


Thanks, guys. I think this one is already out of warranty period, so there is no big point of contacting the service. And I am definitely not wiping and restoring my phone because of that, since the fault is clearly on the buds side. ) They are not connected to anything and they are “forgotten” on all the devices they were ever paired with. They just stopped entering pairing mode at some point. Will try to reset them a few more times, also connected to power. If it doesn’t work, they will probably have to go to the trash bin.

Didn’t say wipe phone.

Sometimes the phone gets confused and so delete pairing and recovery wipe cache only. You’re not wiping the phone which would happen if you wiped data. Recovery, wipe cache. Don’t wipe data. The cache contains copies of databases from storage and the copy can get corrupted. When you wipe cache a fresh copy is made from data. If you did wipe data then it’s similar to a phone reset and your point would then be valid. Understand?

Then try pairing. Good luck. It does look exactly like a hardware fault so fingers crossed it’s just confusion.

FYI this trick has worked often for those with Android and it seems to fix bad pairings and Samsung seems to suffer it more than other brands.

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Yupp, I got it, sorry for misunderstanding.

So it gets even more odd.

Meanwhile I have managed to get them entering into pairing mode again after a few more resets and cleaning all the contacts. The cashe on the phone is also wiped. Nevertheless, the buds are stil behaving in the same way - you connect them, thez stay connected, you start any multimedia, they won’t play and start rebooting instead. Moreover, we have tried it with another pair of P2 - same behavior. At the same time, the phone is working perfectly with any other bluetooth speaker or headprones (tried 3 or 4), same as both pairs of P2 are working perfectly on any other device.

I am running out of ideas here. )))

Good information.

So the fact it’s doing same across two sets of P2 implies it’s an issue with your phone, the fact other buds work means it’s probably a version or setting.

So looking as threads about your phone and settings I find this. Try it. After toggling the phone settings do the delete pairing, Android wipe cache reboot but you won’t need to reset the P2. The fact you got different outcome after cleaning pins probably meant that has fixed an electronic signal (intermittent) issue along the way.

Are you aware of

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Man, it worked! Thank you so much for help! I have just activated the “Turn Off A2DP hardware offload”, connected the buds again and they just started playing. Have put them back in the case, restarted the phone, just to see if it stays in place, and can confirm it is still working.

Many thanks for your kind assistance!

P.S. I have searched for similar cases before asking, but only related to P2, that’s why I probably did not come across this topic.

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The P2 are relatively old, your phone is relatively new, and Samsung seem to be tuning to their own buds.

Once you said two P2 sets same issue then I saw the Samsung mention, then it clicked.

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I’m happy to see you got them working! :clap: