Life P3 active noise cancellation modes weirdly

Hello so me and my Girlfriend got the Life P3 (me black, she white) after some testing I felt my ANC modes were weirdly. As instance the voice mode made all sound good like I was able to hear my footsteps while walking but when she was speaking her voice is far away and very low, even if she is shouting or really near at me, I hear her throught the microphone but just very weirdly… I thought the other modes were fine.
So I set up my Girlfriend’s pair and for her it is a complety different story, I tested it and it is so much better working with her ones. So I tried her ones on my phone but same output it’s just bugged out… Musik is absolutely fine though.

She has a iPhone uh idk it came out 21
I have a Samsung galaxy note 8

Could it be that my phone is just to old?

Will give you an option to try first. Go to your BT setting and hit the clog wheel. There should be two setting . If call is off, you should turn on and try again

HD audio, phone calls, media audio and contact sharing is on.
I saw that Samsung stopped delivering android updates to the Note 8 (v. 9) so I just uh manually installed android 12… Testing with my girlfriend seems be a bit better, but maybe I’m wrong… So try more tomorrow outside.

Thanks for your suggestion, every little bit helpfull