Life P3 - alternatives to silicon tips provided

Of the silicon tips provided, the medium is the closest to my ear size. However, I cannot get the tip to seal correctly so the earbuds will fall out, especially the right one. Any suggestion on alternative tips to try that will create the right seal keeping the earbuds in?

Do not have but others probably can help you soon. Sometimes it is just tweaking between the different ones and then finding the right seal for your ears. Will say that there has been some folks whose had hears that are different than some. My brother stated earbuds like the p3 hurt his ears due to his ear shape.

I know some folks have tried different eartips as well as they provide a slide difference in size but you may run into the issue of putting them into the case.

If you have any extra tips from other ear buds, you might see if they fit. I was able to take a pair of tips from one brand and use them on another pair of Soundcore earbuds I had.

If that doesn’t work I’d email support and let them know. They might have some more tip options they can send you.

Before acquiring such ones, make sure these fit in the charging box.