Life p3 charging case replacement

Hello I just got a pair of life p3s and I just lost the case I was wondering if there is anywhere I could buy a replacement case??

That’s a bummer. I don’t know where to get a case, but maybe Customer Support can help. Good luck!

I would reach out to support based on the post Hannah made earlier this year it seems like you can buy a replacement case through soundcore.


LOL they may need to do a I lost my case noise… :rofl:

I had times that I misplaced them or they just blended in where I left them and did not see them due to the lighting condition.

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Sounds like next upgrade on these will need to be find my case…

Imagine if a tile like system was embedded in the case? :thinking:

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Good news I found the case!! It still works after about a week of rain from the outdoors, although I’m not surprised because that’s just Soundcore.

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I am glad you found it. Looks like you tested if the case is waterproof :grin:

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