Life P3 earbud not charging

I can’t use my new Life p3 earbuds. ight earbud doesn’t charge. I have cleaned with alcool. I see three lights, but right bud not charging.

Question: When you open the case and then close it, do you see lights on the first and 3 led indicators?

If you do then the earbud should have a connection.

The three lights are probably your charge on the case when it is opened but when you close it the 1 and 3 will light up to let you know the earbuds have a connection.

If you see the lights, I would reset the earbuds and see what it does then but ultimately you probably will need to contact


I agree with @Duane_Lester. The 3 lights should be indicating your case’s charge.

The light on the Left and Right when you close the case should be indicating that your Left and Right Earbud are making contact with the case’s charging pins.

Good Luck!

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@wimkoelman, I just recorded a short video showing how the lights should blink when placing the buds back in the case.

If the right one is not blinking twice when you place it back in the case, and you have already cleaned the contacts on both the bud and the case, and you have also tried resetting the buds as @Duane_Lester mentioned, then you should get in touch with support ( to take things further.


I will join the others in suggesting to contact support.