Life P3 EQ Help

Anyone care to share pics of their EQ settings?
I love these things but having a hard time getting a good eq without harshness on some mids and highs while keeping that punchy bass.

Eq setting is very individual.
Depends on hearing ability, the type of music you are listening to etc…
So a setting which fits for me, will not satisfy you.
There are many settings to be found at the app you can try and alter.

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Agree with @Chiquinho

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I’ll 2nd and 3rd the above responses. Everyone’s ears are different, what sounds good to me, might not sound good to you. That being said, a lot of people like the Piano Preset. If the P3 has that, give it a try.

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As others have echoed we can’t tell you what your ears would like. Usually I play around with the default ones that Soundcore has their earbuds coming with by default in the app and I like the piano one. Others have then tweaked the piano eq or others they like. You could also always google eq settings and there are also some suggestions and tips on how to set your own up

I do not have them but I figure they probably have the hearing test in the app.

I would start off with the hearing test. It will do a custom EQ based on that hearing test. You can either use that or use the numbers and then tweak them . It will be a good start to how your ears may be hearing different sounds.

Thus as @Chiquinho stated that EQ are individual per person. His may be the best for him but not for your ears.

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So I keep my eq settings as a secret. :grinning:

Same are the composers I am listening to.
For example now : Ferdinand Ries ( a pupil of the well known Ludwig van Beethoven)
Insider tip for those who love LvB’s music! :laughing:
Go for the symphonies first!

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Jeez. So much for that.
Was just curious.