Life P3 Just got it and love it!

Just purchased and using the Life P3
It’s amazing and sound excellent.
Easy to pair. App looks good, no major issues, and you don’t get buyer’s remorse when you spend
250.00 bucks for those over priced ear buds and then lose of them.
Would like like to have multipoint bluetooth connectivity but that’s ok will try it another time.

Feel and comfort in the ear is excellent. You can work out in them, and the don’t fall out with moderate exercise and a brisk steady run. You may be able to “hack it” and add ear fins if you need something more vigorous.

On a noisy road, the music and feel is great but voice is above average (not excellent)

Overall, I strongly recommend. If they continue to build great products and firmware updates, I’m thinking that they will be dancing with the big dogs.

Great job!!!


Nice review… glad you enjoy them…

Have you tried the lost ear bud function and how well do you see that working…

Nice review. Glad you like them. I use mine quite a lot while sitting at my desk and find them really easy to wear, and the sound quality is good too.

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Glad you like them

I’m happy to see you like them. That’s one Earbud I’ve never had the chance to listen to. :+1: