Life P3 multi connectivity with iPhone & windows

Hi SOUNDcore team,

Received the awesome Life P3 and using it with my iPhone, lately trying to connect with my windows 10 laptop but life P3 connects with only one device.

Can you please help me regarding this?


That’s normal.

Doesn’t support multipoint.

To swap devices , turn off the Bluetooth of what you’re connected to, put buds in case, wait, buds out of case, pair connect with next device.

It’s more reliable if you only pair with one device, if you pair with more than one then you will suffer reliability issues.

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Thanks Professor, I thought life P3 supports multi point connectivity.

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No not mentioned anywhere in specs.

Buds which do would be say Liberty 3 Pro, Liberty 2 Pro.

Also I think q35 headset as well.

I would almost say any of the devices that are over 100 dollars and made more recently will likely be multi point connectivity.

I guess you about figure out the price point by what their devices price is :rofl:

LDAC, multi point, NC, ACAA tech - 100 plus

Noise canceling, No LDAC or Multipoint, - 80 to 100

No LDAC, Mutlipoint, or NC (add bass up)- 50 to 80

Then you have the upgrades to older devices (add 10 to 20 dollars to its current price) :smile:

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I thought now a days multi point connectivity is normal. 3 years ago bought Sony WH 1000XM3 and was let down for same reason and that was quite expensive.

I think q35 have got multi point connectivity.

Q30 and Q35 has.

But even it does claim to have multipoint, it can be finnicky. My Q30 has to connect to the oldest Bluetooth version first, usually have to connect to laptop first.

While Soundcore is tending to increase their prices, I still think best to dedicate a Soundcore product to a specific task. Less ways to go wrong.

I am on my Q30 now on a laptop designed 2020, if I connect to my phone circa 2018 first, the laptop will connect then disconnect after a minute. If I connect to laptop, then phone, it works.

So I’d downgrade your expectations of multipoint, even if it’s claimed.