Life P3 Unboxing and First Impressions

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. Here is my unboxing and first impressions of the newest release from Soundcore, the Soundcore Life P3. I got these in a sky blue and a full review will be coming later when I have had more time to fully test them. (For those waiting on my motion boom review I should have it finished and posted next week so keep your eye out)

The Box:

The box is really small in size which is nice since the earbuds aren’t huge, they shouldn’t require a big box at all.

Front of Box:

The front of the box shows a picture of the speakers (mine are in sky blue) as well as some of the specs of the earbuds including bass up technology, hybrid ANC, 35hr playtime, and thumping sound

Back of Box:

This shows the features a bit more in-depth. This includes multi-mode active noise canceling, clear calls with 6 microphones, 7hrs playtime 35 total with the charging case, oversized 11 mm driver, wireless charging, and an IPX5 Water Resistance. I will be testing these features to see if they meet Soundcore’s claims in my full review to come.

Sides of Box:

The two sides do not show much apart from the earbuds with thumping base and that Soundcore is loved by 20 million+ people


The unboxing experience is rather simple but still nicely done. you lift the top of the box off having the lower part slide off. Once the lid is removed you are greeted front and center with the Life P3 charging case in the color you chose, with the earbuds inside. Underneath that is a small box of accessories, and under that is the paperwork.

What’s Inside:

Once you take the plastic wrap off the speakers you can open the case and see the earbuds inside. It should also be noted that the charging connectors on the earbuds have a small sticker on them which you have to remove in order to charge them. The little box of accessories underneath holds the earbuds tips of various sizes as well as the USB C to USB A charging cable that can be used to charge the case which in turn charges the earbuds.

The paperwork is then in a nice stack underneath it all. The top paper is the happy/not happy paper. If you are happy, it leads you to ways you can spread the good word about Soundcore and if you are not happy then it shows you ways to get in touch with customer support. The next paper is the QuickStart guide which I have included pictures of all the pages since it is not yet up on the site and will help lots of new users get started as well as troubleshooting in the future. The final paper in the box is the warranty and warnings for the earbuds.

First Impressions:


These earbuds in my opinion are stunning. They have really nice colors available and I think the silver chrome accents are a really nice touch. Since aesthetics are basically opinions here are some photos to help you come to your own conclusions.

Build Quality

First things first, the case. The thing that surprised me the most is the hinge. Usually, this is the part that can feel the cheapest for me on most products. I am a little surprised they didn’t go with the slide since it is on the spirit dot 2 which is also sold at this price point, but I can also see how this can differentiate this product a little from the liberty air 2 pro. The hinge here actually feels solid and the magnets in the hinge do a good job holding the case shut. Opening the case is also easy there is a nice indentation that makes opening it easy and the hinge has a really smooth feel to it.

The earbuds also have a nice feel to them. In hand, they don’t feel cheap and are rocking a similar design to the liberty air 2, liberty air 2 pro, and the previous life p2 with some slight changes. Look wise they look closest to the liberty air 2 pro.

Features to Look Out For

To charge them up I’ve already started to use wireless charging which I can say works nicely and is definitely a welcomed feature especially with USB C as the other charging option. The earbuds are compatible with the Soundcore app which really helps elevate and fine-tune the experience with these. The thing I’m really excited to try is the game mode that is featured in the app and see how the ANC stacks up to other products.

Overall, first impressions of these earbuds are that they are going to be hard to not buy at this price if they live up to their promises. I am excited to pair it to the Soundcore app and get started listening. Thank you all for reading my unboxing and first impressions. Keep your eyes out for my motion boom review next week and this review to follow after that. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful week.


I like the photos.
Very well done Kaitlyn! :clap:

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Nice write-up and pictures. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to get better at photography and trying some new things. Maybe I’ll get a camera instead of using my phone but who know

I see you are very talented in taking good photos.
You have a good feeling to create “compositions” and “arrangements”.

If you get yourself a SLR Camera you have to learn about the use,
though some things are done automatically.
But there is not so much to learn, : Aperture and shutter are important.

And don’t forget you can alter so much by using a computer program
like Adobe Photoshop or better Gimp (which is free :smile:)

The camera body need not be very expensive.
eg Canons from 300 to 4000 Euro.
I got mine for 200 Euros, which was perfect.
You don’t need the “newest” model.
I bought mine used,same the object lens which was more expensive than the camera.
Its a macro lens, not so popular.
I have such a Macro and a so called Vario.
This is enough, if you don’t do professional photographing.

Enjoy the week!

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