Life P3 Wearing Backwards

I had trouble getting my Life P3 earbuds to stay sealed in my ears. With a little movement in my jaws they would loosen up. Then I tried them in the opposite ears and upside down, with the stems pointing up. Now I get a perfect fit that stays in place. They are more comfortable and secure. The fit test passes every time. The stems act as a “hook” to keep them in place.

I can set the controls with the app to be opposite, and all is well. But is there a way to send stereo music to the opposite bud. If not, I can live with it, but maybe that would be a good future update to the Soundcore app.


Only an engineer can do this kind of i right🤩?

I may try this just to say I did! Then I’ll walk in with my wife and see if she says anything.

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As far as I know you can’t switch Left to Right via the App.

Hmmm I may try this with my Liberty air 2 pro since those never pass the seal test for me

All Soundcore’s earbuds fall out easily and quickly for me, and I also found if I use them backwards they fall out less often. I use the old Soundbuds Slim+ which have “wings” and they stay in better, and Q30 which over-ear works very well for me.

Soundcore makes the oval shape, with “wings” and the stick type, and so a few people get lucky and they work as intended, but many don’t (like us).

Can’t remember specifics but over many phones I’ve seen sound addons or player apps that can swap L/R channels
Regarding fit, found that using a smaller than typical eartip makes the P3 head sit a little deeper in my ear, and the stem rest more against my skin. Counterintuitive but it actually sits more securely and still seals. ymmv

I’ll have to try this. I’ll experiment on that tonight even.

All great replies! I was half expecting to be called a nut case for wearing these backward. They always stay in my ears, and sound great this way. I can mow the lawn with them without worrying about losing them in the grass.
Thanks for your support!