Life P3 while cycling on static bike

Tonight I found myself using my Life P3 earbuds, connected to my iPad, whilst working out on our static bike (virtual spin class). They were indeed a real pleasure to wear, although I had to adjust them a couple of times to make sure they didn’t fall out of my ears. The sound was pretty good quality, and the bass of the workout tracks was deep enough without having to make any EQ changes in the Soundcore app. Might give the Liberty 3 Pros a spin the next time and see how those fare. I know they are pretty sturdy in-ear when out for a leisurely walk, so should be fine for cycling on a static bike.


Podrunner podcast maybe a good edm mix for you if you’re looking for good pace and energy on your next spin.

Nice to hear they held firm in place during he ride.

Had those for a short period of time. They are good.

I need your opinion on the Life P3’s! Would you mind checking out my post? Question for Life P3 Owers

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Thanks for sharing. I think you will like the L3P’s for spinning. They are my favorite Soundcore Earbuds! :+1:

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I have found that a number of these in ear headphones can work fine as long as my jaw isn’t moving. Eating or enthusiastic talking are right out. Even with some bumping.


Hi Amanda. I will reply on your thread :wink:

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