Life Q10 - will microphone work w/ aux cable?

Hi all,

I’ve just received my Q10s, and so far I’m quite impressed on first impressions.

One question I do have for the core, is this:
Calls through the headset, will it work only with Bluetooth connection, or will it also work with them plugged in through the aux connection.

Thinking that they should, but thought I’d reach out to those that have already tried / know.

Thanks Core.

Calls should work either way. Mic on headphones will work if you connect via bluetooth but if you use AUX, you’ll use phone mic since wire doesn’t have mic


No mic if used over the cable. The cable used does not have enough wires for the mic, it isn’t even possible.

That disappointed me quite a bit when I realized. Doesn’t make a big difference in the end, but it would have been simple to do properly.

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Buy 4 pole aux cable then mic will work with aux normal aux cable is 3 pole no wire for mic , 4 pole is for studios and pc users who do gaming with bluetooth headset


I’ll give it a try thanks.

So interesting turn of events, tried with the 4 pole aux cable and even on my work laptop.

No dice.

Call to soundcore support yielded thus comment, which I found intriguing… “the Q10s are not certified to work with ms teams…”. While I appreciate the insight, I am not familiar with any earbuds or headsets that are certified to work with ms teams or a specific program…

Does this make sense to anybody else?

I’ve got a few more tricks to try, but if my IT guys can’t fix, not sure what to figure…

I’ll post up my ultimate success or failure when I get there.

Thanks for the update @TheSnarkyOne I was thinking to buy this set for my work to use in ms teams meetings, but now I need to consider other options.
Has anybody tried Q30’s are they good for Teams ?

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So, if I use them with a TRRS cable, the mic should work?
Worth a try.

I had tried with 4 pole and didn’t have any luck. Don’t know if the receiver in the headset is 4 pole or not.

I had to resort to using the laptop mic, and the headphones on stereo setting with the aux cable that came with.

Maybe an inline mic cable would work?