Life Q20 Bluetooth on Windows 10

I can’t get my Q20 headphones to connect properly via Bluetooth to my Win10 computer. It worked the first time, but now it says it’s paired, but won’t connect. Whenever I remove the device and then pair again, it will pair and connect, but the headphones turn off. When I turn the headphones back on, the sound is coming out of the computer, but not the headphones. The Q20 pairs fine with my iPhone and other devices, just not with my Win10 computer. (I always unpair the Q20 from all other devices before trying to pair with the Win10 computer.) Any suggestions?

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This issue is mostly for Windows, as I too face it.

Try using a Audio Manager for Windows 10 like EarTrumpet, and choose the output as SoundCore Life Q20 (Headphones) or SoundCore Life Q20 (Headset)

Not that for listening to music, you should choose SoundCore Life Q20 (Headphones) for listening to music.

Try to reset the Life Q20 –

  • Make sure that the distance between Life Q20 and the device they’re connected to is no greater than 40 feet (12 meters).
  • Try to avoid interference from your surroundings, other Bluetooth connections, and Wi-Fi. Some environments with cell phone towers or areas with dense Wi-Fi networks and other transmitting devices can interfere with your Bluetooth connection.
  • Reset your Bluetooth connection by turning off your device’s Bluetooth for at least 10 seconds, then turn back on.
  • Reset Life Q20 by holding down the Power and Volume+ buttons for 5 seconds while charging them.
  • Try to pair again.

Make sure you use the bt driver given from the bt-card’s manufacturer of you device.
Don’t use the default bt driver from MS.

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Neither of these options worked? Any other ideas?

alot of conflicting bluetooth drivers. removed a lot of them and now they work.

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When driving a car only one driver is needed, but he has to do his job perfectly. :wink:

I’ve tried all the things listed here. I’ve also tried manually removing the Q20 entries in Device Manager in Windows 10, but I still have the exact same problem: whenever the Q20 connects to Windows 10, they shut off and Windows 10 says they’re connected.

I have no issues connecting the Q20 headphones to any of my other devices.

I had the same issues, and have found a solution that works for me. I first want to say, I’m not a tech person. Getting that out of the way… my Bluetooth connection problem was occurring on an HP Laptop running Windows 10 Pro. On this Laptop, I noticed it was missing something called “REALTEK Bluetooth Driver”, which was found under “Apps & Features” on my HP Desktop running Windows 10. Go to Settings, then Apps, then Apps & Features. So, I decided to go to HPs website and download/install “Realtek RTL8xxx Series Bluetooth Driver, Version:, Revision: A”.
Here’s the link:
After installing this on my laptop (which required a restart), I removed my Life Q20 from Bluetooth and other devices. Turned Bluetooth off… waited 15 seconds… turned Bluetooth on… paired my Life Q20 again… and it stayed connected and seems to be working as intended.

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That’s the trick we always telling you all.
Instead of the default WIN10 bt driver you have to install the one from bt card manufacturer.
After you have done this is should work,

Mine has worked fine with the built in Windows 10 driver on my Dell Laptop. But the possible hardware and software combinations vary wildly, and there will always be some who end up with problems. Thus fantastic forums like this to help out.

Mostly ThinkPad and Dell laptops seem to be more reliable for Bluetooth connections and pairing, I have both these make of laptops with Windows 10, not faced issues for pairing any of Soundcore products or any other.

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I am having the exact same problem. On my Windows 10 machine, the Q20 headphones initially pair and connect, but no sound comes out and then the headphones just power down by themselves. I have tried both updating and rolling back bluetooth drivers (Realtek Bluetooth) but nothing seems to work. Headphones connect fine with other devices.

I had this exact same issue and want to share what worked for me.
I found this Windows 10 BT help article.

Solution 4 worked for me and now I can happily enjoy my new headphones :slight_smile:

I also removed my old headphones from my paired devices just in case there was a conflict.

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Thats an issue we know, but publish it is OK.
Helpful. Thank you!

Tried everything which was posted here, still cannot make them to work with Windows 10. Any more solutions?

It really seems weird that nothing worked for you. Does it connect well with other devices?

I’ve run into the exact same issue. I just received the headphones today. Work fine with my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone and Tab A tablet I’ve had for a year or so, and with the Dell XPS desktop I’ve owned for at least 2 years, but when I try to connect to the new HP pavilion laptop I bought last weekend, as soon as I connect via bluetooth the headphones immediately disconnect and shut down. I’ve updated drivers, restarted the machine, reset the headphone, restarted bluetooth, no dice. I’ve connected a different set of bluetooth headphones and two different speakers from two different brands (one of which was an Anker Soundcore 2) with no trouble to the same machine.

Solved my issue! After trying every recommended step I could find, updating drivers, restarting the machine, resetting the headphones, adjusting bluetooth settings, etc. Finally, I did the exact opposite of what was recommended. Uninstalled the Realtek bluetooth driver and installed the generic windows bluetooth driver, now the headphones work like a champ. This is on a brand new HP pavilion 15" laptop.

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It’s good that you got it fixed. I’ve seen HP laptops having the similar issues across this and Anker community. Good to know a fix too so thanks for that

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Thanks for posting the fix!

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