Life Q20 - the end or the means to an end?

So life Q20 is Soundcore’s Best over ear headphone to date - no question. MY question is: is this the end of the innovation or a step toward something greater? Of course I want the best product possible, but I am also itching for an affordable and quality over the ear ANC headphone with great call clarity. I know many of you have these - what’s your take? A step in the right direction or an end in and of itself?

Things normally are / can always be improved on, I’m sure we’ll see something else come along which will both steal a crown and keep us buying :grin:

You know spoundcore:
Always creating new models, sometimes this leads to confusion.

But as we are used to deal with, no problem.

Ol curious as to what other headphones (overear)?

I have the q20s, and think they’re pretty good, but not as amazing as you seem to think…

I enjoy good quality earbuds, but at the end of the day they are earbuds - limited by design, with a mic that is not in front of your face at all. And if cordless, limited by technology - bluetooth brings along all of its own limitations.

I really want to see Soundcore compete in the ANC space to the likes of Bose and Sony.

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