Life Q20 | Time for reviewing

Sometime I a few months ago, I picked up a pair of the Soundcore Life Q20s through the power user program. I think I’ve used them enough to develop an opinion to write a review. Let’s jump right in!


I know this was the first question on all of your minds,
so I figured I’ll answer it first. This headset is all around, extremely comfortable. Much more comfortable then pretty much any other headset I’ve used before. This is quite honesty the biggest way these stand out for me. I wear them all day with no fatigue or discomfort. Big win for this headset!


I pretty much always use the ANC. Nothing to brag about, but also nothing to complain about. I can listen to audiobooks while running an industrial mower, which is make than can be said for most headsets (or earbuds with good passive NC) without ANC. If you’re just sitting around the house with a dishwasher running in the background or something, it should block it out pretty well. The ANC definitely gives preference to lower frequency sound. When I run a mower, the big loud low roar is greatly reduced, but the higher frequency noises that the whip of a string trimmer puts out is still very noticeable.

small disclaimer. I’m not that all that familiar with ANC so this may not be the best analysis you will get

Sound Quality

The sound quality on these is okay. It’s better then the spirit X, but not as good as my liberty airs. Sometimes the sound can be a little muddled while listening. As in, the different frequencies get melded together. This is especially present when bassup is on (don’t recommend). The Sound is pretty balanced, which I was happy about. Without bassup on, you can hear the treble and mids equally, with the bass properly coming from below. I would pretty much say these sound like a $60 headset. Not amazing, but also not bad.

Quality of build

The plastic used on the main body and on the head bar seems to be pretty high quality. I have thrown these things across a lawn a few times and they have held up perfectly. The soft material covering the ear pieces is also pretty well made. It’s not a cheap material that “shreds” easily (like cheap synthetic couches). The biggest problem that I have, is that the buttons are extremely cheap feeling. The plastic is much cheaper, and the button will wiggle when you push them. The buttons are just really cheap. They got it right on the soundcore flare, they just need to us that design.

Ease Of use

The controls for this headset are extremely intuitive. It’s really natural and easy to control. I also really like that for certain controls (bassup and ANC) they speak out loud that you toggles them. This ensures you don’t mess them up on accident.

Battery Life

The battery life on these is really good. They easily last a whole work week with ANC on, and without it on they would just last forever. The only downside is that when you have to charge them, you’re still stuck with Micro-USB.

Let’s condense this review down real quick.

Decent sound quality
Decent ANC (I think so anyway)
AMAZING comfort
Great battery life
Overall good build quality
Intuitive to use

Cheaply made buttons
Charges using micro-USB
No hard case (only soft bag)
The sound can be muddled sometimes
Bassup is bad (as usual)

Do I recommend these? I have mixed feelings on this one. I think as long as your expectations aren’t too high, you will enjoy this purchase. I definitely don’t regret the purchase.

If you have any question or comments, or just want to tell me what you think of this review, just leave a reply below.

I’ll get back to you within 24hrs, Sun-Sat from 7AM-12pm

Thanks for reading!


A honest and well written review.
Those we like!
Thank you Andrew.
( Seems you are a little bit a tech man! :rofl:)

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Thanks for your review, mine will be going up soon.

Let’s be honest Andrew, you have no idea what good ANC is. Please go to best buy and try the Sony or Bose with Anc so you have an idea what great ANC is, this way you can determine if this is right for others.


I might do that this week if I have time. There isn’t a bestbuy near me, or near anywhere I usually go so it’s a bit out of my way. Best Buy is a pretty cool store though :thinking:

Good review @TechMan
I’m still putting mine though their paces.

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Shhht! Andrew is a “tech man” so he knows everything.
ANC… “Another New Cryptic” thing. :joy:

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:rofl: 45e227a5

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Great review!! I’ve heard the ANC for Bose headsets that the NFL uses, and that’s it. Anything else I ever listen to will be compared to that.

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Thank you for your honest detailed review about the Life Q20. With pictures :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.
I haven’t actually tried any products with ANC so I have no clue what it would be like :grimacing:.

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Good structured review and photos @TechMan!

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Great review, pics, and opinions @TechMan .

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This wasn’t my review, its @TechMan Andrews

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I know, stupid autofill decided it was you. I just saw a few minutes ago but couldn’t fix it until now.

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Target had them as well. I actually tried the Bose ANC there and was amazed by the difference when they active and not active. When active it cut the tv noise and people noise all around me and was just quiet. Audio has came a long way from when we were young…

Nice review @TechMan. I am about 85 percent sure I am going to get my son who has Asperger some of these or the more expensive brand of these.

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That’s a @TechMan style review. :+1: :beers:

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Nice review! Would have loved to test this unit and compare it with Bose QuiteComfort.

Might eventually plan to buy based on other reviews