Life Q20 vs Spirit Dot 2 for airplane listening

I have been planning to use the Life Q20s on my next plane flight since I got them late last year. And then, what with one thing and another that opportunity hadn’t arrived. Until now! Back on a plane for work yesterday, and not only did I have those, I had picked up the Spirit Dot 2, which I thought might be a decent alternative with a nice tight fit in my ears.

Flight departed, and testing commenced. Started with the Life Q20s, and I basically couldn’t hear the engine noise. Or the in flight safety briefing - fortunately, I know that by heart. First impressions were fantastic, it really mutes a lot of sound, but particularly gets that engine drone that starts to seep into you along the way. Really great experience. And they are still comfortable enough that I could fall asleep in them.

About 45 minutes into the flight, I switched over to the Spirit Dot 2s. Night and day difference. First, in spite of the good fit in my ears, it almost felt like the engine noise came straight through them. I could still hear the music, but it was definitely music in a plane. Second, the fit in my ears made the discomfort of elevation changes more pronounced. Just enough of a seal that my eardrums felt extra weird as we went up and down.

I tried the Q20s (on, but only noise cancelling, not transmitting) over the dot 2s. It actually worked well at blocking engine noise, but the comfort level wasn’t that good and I gave it up quickly and went back to just the Q20s.

Overall, I highly recommend the Q20s if you do much flying and want an affordable set of noise cancelling headphones that are comfortable enough to wear the whole flight. Made my life much more enjoyable on that trip. ANC is really a huge difference in the right context.See the gallery for some shots of the headphones on board, but not on my head. No one wants to see that.


Just a side question: Do the Q20 feel heavy to you after a while of wearing them? Personally, Life 2 gets a little heavy and hurt my head after a while of wearing them so want to see if you feel that as well

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I do not find they are heavy. These are pretty light headphones. I don’t have the Life 2 to compare directly.

But on a plane, where my head is leaning against the head rest the whole time, even less of an issue. So win win.

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