Life Q20 with pouch gone from Amazon

I was just looking at Amazon and just realized that Life Q20 with the pouch is not being sold on Amazon anymore. The only Q20 available now are with travel case (same case as Life 2). Though these are more expensive than the one with pouch, these prices should come down soon unless Soundcore starts selling the ones with pouch again. The only way to get Q20 with pouch is through Soundcore website now and are on sale with $15 discount.

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I would like to see the one with hard case… Few bucks more to spend but worth it

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Yea the hard case really is great. Protects the headphones much better than pouch

Nice heads up on the case. Thanks @Shivam_Shah

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Maybe wait for the Q30 that @Insider talked about


Oofff that’s not good I’m hoping they have hard cases becoming standard to be honest

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Yea just need to drop the prices on Amazon and it’s standard now :joy: