Life Q30 £57.50 Amazon UK

Not a bad price drop on the Life Q30 for those in the market.


Very nice price on these, thanks @ndalby

Have you purchased these?

Tempted, currently have an older set of Life 2 over ear.

Might hold off to see what the Q35’s have to offer once a few reviews come in :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m excited to see the new colorway(s) they hinted at during the latest podcast…

I have the Q10s in red and black and they are really nice.

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That’s amazing value :ok_hand:t2:

Excelent discount.

Ooo nice discount most likely in light of the up coming launch I would guess?

Super nice price👍🏻!

I bought some q30s 2 weeks ago.
Bit annoying that they are so much cheaper but it doesn’t matter too much since I spotted the upcoming launch so have just returned them.
(Missing them already).
Looking forward to getting the new ones.