Life Q30 and Windows 11

Hello everyone ,

Bought a P30 2 days ago.
Seems working fine with Phone (S22 Ultra)
Not so bad on my work Laptop (Switch between 2 different devices when launching Meeting etc… only saw few time when it seems Windows doesn’t release the driver correctly and so Headset don’t recover sound quality correctly, but so far…it’s good.

Where i got a problem is on my personnal computer.

At first it show paired, but unable to connect.
Did a few check and thought maybe My Bluetooth Adapter was bit old, and so i bought a new one.
TP Link Adapter BT 5.0 , is received… started from scratch , i removed every driver, every devices even hidden one.
I checked if there was official TP link driver (and there was)
Check also if services were correctly shown.

But…again…when pairing, it briefly show “Paired” then…nothing more
“This operation cannot complete, please check device is still detectable…”

That’s bad… It seems its a great device, but…don’t know why i can’t connect it.
I had sevreal devices connected in the past, and as writing i Did retry with a controller, and it works… ?!

If someone got an idea…


  • turn the bluetooth of everything you paired, phone, work laptop, personal computer, etc.
  • power off headphones for a few seconds
  • power on headphone
  • turn on only the bluetooth of the Win11 device.
  • should connect now?
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Does windows 11 have aptx support

Hi there

Thanks for Answering.
I had to reinstall whole comp and WIN11.

seems something went wrong with BT Drivers.

Now it seems to work correctly, still sad that BT can’t accept Both Voice and “correct” sound …but it does the job nicely

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