Life Q30 does not work with Ubuntu 20.04


My brand new Life Q30 does not work with Ubuntu 20.04. It is discovered as a bluetooth device but when I try to connect it does not connect. I tried with multiple computers, but it’s the same. I had a Q20 as well, it worked fine with the same computers and OS. The Q30 updated to the latest (01.90) firmware and I already tried reset and repairing.

Ubuntu has the 5.8.0-40-generic #45~20.04.1 kernel and bluez 5.53.
I can provide other information if needed and would appreciate any suggestions to resolve this.

Does anyone have the same problem?

Works for me same Linux same package.

If say it’s awkward, I have to connect to Linux first, if it’s connected to anything else first then will not connect to Linux.

Turn off all Bluetooth of anything else Q30 been paired with. Then connect to Linux. Then connect to one other item like Android.

I think it’s s version issue of profiles.

Thanks, for the heads up! I managed to make it work with one of my machines. Yes, it has to connect first, that was the problem.

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I believe it is related to the version of profiles, the multiconnect requires same version and Linux cannot do same version as other devices. A2DP is 1.3.2 I think Linux is stuck at older.

Or, It could just be that Linux hardware is 4.2 and your other devices are 5 and the headphones cannot do both 4.2 and 5 so if the Linux connect at 4.2 then the phone can connect at 4.2 but if phone connection is 5 then Linux cannot do 5 and so stuck.

What makes me think it’s the profile version is my Android phone is 5 and my Android tablet is 4.2 and they work no matter which sequence I connect. They probably have the same A2DP profile version despite different BT version

The chipset in Q30 is low end and so I think it’s implementation cannot multiconnect different versions.

Any update on this one ? I had it working on my laptop running Ubuntu 20.4.3 with bluez 5.53 but it stopped yesterday, I tried to factory reset without success…

Reboot the Linux system.