Life Q30 - Headphones Can't Be Turned Off with 3.5mm Jack Plugged In

As subjected, it’s draining its battery life when you’re using ANC profile when using 3.5mm jack as normal bluetooth usage.

But, I’m using a PC with the headphone via jack, and I don’t plug and unplug every time I’m done using my PC as the jack port will definitely worn out.

If I don’t unplug the jack after shutting down my PC, the headphone is still blinking indicating battery still running, with the jack plugged in. I can’t turn it off by just pressing for 5 secs the power button, it’ll still blink. This also can’t turn ANC profile off after turning it on on jack.

This is getting annoying for me to have to turn off and unplug the jack numerous times a day. Please add in firmware update to enable the power button to turn off the headphones to stop the battery running. Other than that, this is a great heaphone. Thanks!

I think you should reach out to customer service at with some photos because I’m honestly confused on what’s going on exactly. Does the power LED blink when you turn off your PC? Also can’t you just turn off ANC with the button before you turn your PC off?

It may be a unknown feature. Lol. Somewhat joking

I agree with @Shivam_Shah, you need to reach out to support and talk with them. If you need me to I can see if one of my older pairs have this same issue.

Interesting. Can you turn off ANC while it is plugged in, and have that cut the battery life?

With the Q20s, you can’t use ANC with it plugged in, but it doesn’t use power either. I’m curious if that is possible with the 30s as well.

Sorry for the late response, and thanks for your fast replies everyone.

Maybe I explained too much, but in short, ANC works perfectly, it’s working with jack plugged in. However, the headphone’s still ON when I off my pc and I can’t turn the headphone OFF not even turning OFF the ANC which was ON manually (jack plugged in will turn ON the headphones automatically without ANC ON)

So when I wake up in the morning, the battery was drained due to jack was in the headphone the whole night, which I can’t turn it off.