Life Q30 Headphones drop out crazy solution for me

My Q30 headset works wonderfully with my smartphone, but when using my desktop PC I have figured out that the pops and dropouts I have experienced seem to be very dependent on the position of my head. Sounds strange, but its true. When I am watching a video I get the dropouts and pops, but if I turn my head about 90 deg left or right, the sounds is perfect. When I look directly at thee screen, it goes back to dropoouts. I am using a brand new desktop, high end game machine, Windows 10. The computer is floor mounted to my left. I’m wondering how the bluetooth antenna is positioned in the headphones. It is not unusual to have any radio device be subject to antenna orientation, but it is also usual that devices like headphones are most likely to have non-directional antennas. I have tried moving wires around on my desktop,m and moving the adapter for my keyboard and mouse around, but this doesn’t seem to have any effect. My video screen is a Samsung 22 inch, and I tried turning it off with no effect.

Now, here is the nutso solution I found. I reversed the headset with Right on Left side, and now no dropout and no pops. Surely this isn’t normal, and I hope this helps someone in support to look into the cause of such an anomoly, but it works for me. Love to hear if others have had similar experience. I mostly listen to Youtube videos on my desktop, so the left - right speaker orientation isn’t really important.

I could be wrong but off the top of my head, the bluetooth chip is in the right earcup. So having to switch the right and left earcups would make sense. There was a teardown video of Q30 by a user here which you can search up using the magnifier looking thing on top right of your screen. You can also contact support to make sure I’m correct and that this behavior is “normal”

I agree contact may be where you need to contact. I would think being close to the pc would sufficient.

Try to update the BT driver to see if that help.

You stated adapter for the keyboard and mouse. Are they both wireless as well? Are you able to change the MHz they transmit at? See if you wire both of them up temporarily and see if that improves the popping and dropouts. If so then you know your keyboard and mouse may be conflicting with the headphones. Just a though.

Already tested the mouse and keyboard, removing them entirely, and its not the problem. The only other RF transmitter nearby is my wifi router, which is to the right of my desk. Can’t move that since I only have one cable connection nearby. Wifi is on an entirely different channel than bluetooth, but if it is interfering, it is what it is and cannot be moved at this time.

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I would say contact They may have dealt with a similar situation and would have a better solution

Hey there, since the antenna of Q30 headset is on the right side, it will work more stable when it’s close to the Bluetooth signal of the PC itself. That’s why there is no dropout and no pops after you reversed the headset with Right on Left side. Or you may have to connect via AUX cable instead. Thanks for understanding.