Life Q30 how work?

In the manual of use is indicated that it is possible to use the finger and drag it to increase and kiss the sound

Is this -still valid on the Life Q-30 headset and how to activate this and on which right or left earpiece?

Ditto for telephone communication

Thanks in advance

Not sure what you mean by “kiss the sound”, but presumably you are referring to increasing and lowering the volume. No, on Life Q30 you have physical buttons for volume up and down, no swiping…

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Yea Space NC was the last product that I remember having touch sensors for volume. No other headphone from Soundcore has had those because of bad experience

welcome them to our community!

If you going to kiss the sound, you better take it out to dinner first.

Here is a pdf of the manual

It looks like the plus and minus is for turning up the sound.

I do not think you wanted this kinda of kiss the sound :rofl:

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Now what I do think is strange is that in the manuals that it gives you a manual for each color. I also saw this for the white p2’s as well. Which I think is weird. I would think I would see 2 or 3 of them if it was like different iterations and not just because of the different colors.

Kiss the sound, I wonder if its wreath it?

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Not “kiss the sound” is a machine translation error
I’m French!
it was going up and down the sound
In fact these functions have been discontinued but not change on one of the instructions
Thank you all for your answers

“kiss the sound” sounds excelent😁