Life Q30. mic not working on PC

when i am connected to my PC. and on discord. i could hear. but the mic dident work.?
but if i connect via my phone. to same channel. it works.

so i asume its a driver thing. and not a hardware thing.

It should be about drivers.

Nose around in settings, audio. Ensure mic is input.

Do same in Windows settings, and app settings.

The issues with Windows 10 are well known and challenging.

yeah i have tryed in settigns to do it. but i cant. i can find output q30. but no input…

eny one else can use them for and what ever on PC ?

Works perfectly fine for Zoom on a Lenovo laptop.

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Hey there @VALLE6 I am using my Q30s on PC Android and iPhone and Mac without any issues on every piece of software I’ve launched including Discord, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams and many others. On Windows 10 and any communication software, if you’re connected via BT you have to select the “Hands Free” option for both your input and output due to the OS limitation for BT handling. Your audio will downgrade to mono but you will get mic function + audio. iOS and Android are capable of swapping on the fly so you get Stereo and mic, Windows 10 cannot do this yet.


I am having big issue on my mac too after 2.10 firmware update :frowning:

SO no solution. I am so frusturated. I tried windows, mac, andorid with cable, bluetooth. No can not record anything.

Didn’t work at all with bluetooth adapter 4.0, then got 5.0 and it worked, but with some secondary driver though. Had no problems with drivers after changing adapter.

First post on here, so I do apologies, for any typing or grammar mistakes but English is not my first language, but I hope this can help some people :slight_smile:

Before doing anything, we need to ensure that the Microphone is working as it should be to exclude a hardware failure. Open a voice recorder app on your mobile, and record a quick test message. Then connected the headphones and do the same again, when listening back, you should be able to hear a difference between the recordings this will give tell us that the Microphone is working. :slight_smile:

  1. Check in the Bluetooth settings, that the headphones are connected to. If the headphones are not connected, please connect them sometimes the headphones will not automatically reconnect when you turn on the laptop/desktop. Once connected, make sure, that it shows as connected to Voice, music in the Bluetooth settings.


If you do not see that its says, connected to Voice, music that means the microphone is not picked up, and by association, all applications like Team, Slack, Webex, Skype, Lynx, etc will not be able to detect the microphone. If this is the case, please continue to the next steps below.

  1. If you have Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 devices, please shut down the device and re-start, if you are using Windows 10, please select restart because the re-start will perform a full shut down when restarting. Once re-started check again, if the problem continues try the next step.

  2. Open the Bluetooth settings, in the settings locate the device and forget/removed the headphones from Windows.


Once done, please press and hold the power button on the headphones for 5 seconds or until the led flashed blue and then re-pair the headphones with windows. If the problem continues, please try the next step below.

  1. Open the Bluetooth settings, in the settings locate the device and forget/removed the headphones again from Windows. Once done, please disconnect the headphones from “all” other devices. Then try to pair again, if the problem continues, please forget/removed the headphones again and then continue to the next step.

  2. Press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Up” button simultaneously on the headphones for 5 seconds or wait until the “LED” light, starts alternating between “Blue” and “Red”, and then try to pair again.

If none of the above is working, please contact the Support for additional help and support on this matter.

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Thanks for that, i have not notice that windows sometimes do not conect the headphones as “voice, music” so by simply Re-pair the device works perfectly.

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Grats on the thread helping you out. Plus grats on the searching to find a similar issue for your solution.

Plus welcome to the community … several of us may have multiple devices and may be able to help if ever needed.