Life Q30 model will not pair with Samsung Android A50 phone

On a different topic befre I explain this issue: I have found zero instructions or information on the built in micrphones - it is not int he user manual;. Where are they? Can the microphone volume be controlled independently from the headset listening volume? Can the microphones be muted from the headset rather than from the app I am using? (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Skype)

Todays issue: I put Q30 in pairing mode by powering off, then powering up until blue light flashes once. I go to Bluetoth settings on phone and unpair all the devices on the list EXCEPT the Q30. At this point the Q30 shows as a “Paired Device.” I have the option to pair for Calls or Audio or both. I select to have pairing for Calls only, but it reverts to trying to pair for both. Regardless of how I set the pairing mode, when I highlit the Q30 and click to Connect I see a message at bottom of screen that says “An App is needed to pair with this device.” It fails to pair and instead I see a message that says “Couldn’t connect.” I have the Soundcore App installed on my phone but whern I open the app it goes straight to the phone’s natvie Bluetooth settings screen because it needs to connect.

Note: I was able to pair this Q30 set with a Dell PC and had no issues - worked flawlessly.

Update: after reading of anothert user who had an identical issue, I downloaded and tried two different Bluetooth pairing apps from the Google Play store. Same result with both. The apps could see that the headset Q30 was paired with my phoen but coudl not connect (and yes - I have tried making a phone call - it is definitely not connected. If this product does not conect to a Samsung A50 - an incredibly popular model of Android phone - then it is useless.

Did you tried to pair with another android phone?

My niece lives with us and has a Samsung A10. When she puts her phone into the Bluetooth pairing menu, the Q30 doesn’t even appear as an available device. I turned the Q30 off first, then powered up again so the blue LED flashed to indicate that it was in pairing mode. She tried hitting Scan for Devices and it still didn’t show up.My wife has the same model phone that I use - Samsung A50. Cannot try it with her phone until she returns home from work later today. My phone pairs with both of our cars, and with my Bluseound Node 2 music streamer - never any issues. I tried having my niece call me, and the indicator on phone showed Bluetooth for the call, but when I answered I could not her hear through the headphones and she could not hear me through the microphones.

Juast tested it with my wife’s old Honor 7X. It does not have mobile service at present, but is an Andrid with working Bluetooth. She uses it to cotrol our music streamer, to play music files directly to a Bluetooth speaker, and to use Bluetooth earbids. All three of those devices showred up as Paired. I unpaired all three, restarted the Q30, then reopened Bluetooth settings on the Honor 7X. It doesnt even see the Q30 (which is all of 18 inches away from it.

I think you should reset headphones ( how to reset ) and try to connect to phone again.
If it will not help try to contact customer service

Thanks. I ended up spending 30 or 40 minutes on phone with Soundcore customer support yesterday, before I had to end call for a work obligaton. They took notes and I will call back today. He had me reset the headphones, which allowed pairing and connection for listening to calls, but the microphones still weren’t working. He suggested that they send me a repalcement set right away but there is a wrinkle: I have a second set of the Q30, which I purchased in March for television use onthe second floor of our home. Wanted another pair for my office. I have now tested BOTH pairs and the same symptom exists in both. It seems fairly unlikely that both units are defective.

Obviously there is a small chance of a dud unit, but assuming that’s not the issue. I’d investigate:

  • Android merges it’s bluetooth profiles for headphone and headset and data into one settings of a screen similar to this

  • Sometimes the pairing fails to use all of the profiles.

  • Workarounds are usually do all of these steps.

  • uninstall all apps, you mentioned some pairing apps, you should NEVER USE THEM. Uninstall the Soundcore app also.

  • Delete all pairings.

  • Disable all bluetooth.

  • Reset the buds, leave in the case.

  • Android cache wipe. Either reboot to recovery, wipe cache, boot. Or settings, apps, system processes, bluetooth, force stop, wipe cache, reboot.

  • Pair.

  • Go into the pairing connection and ensure phone calls is enabled.

  • Try to avoid swapping buds between any devices, each time you swap you risk confused buds and have to start again as above.

  • once working, only once working, then install only the Soundcore app and connect in the app once bluetooth connected.

My best guess is the confusion has persisted in the bluetooth cache and you never mentioned wiping cache so that’s my most logical thing you not yet tried. Do each step in turn, if you don’t wipe cache between delete pairing and next pairing, the previous record of the connection will persist and the problem won’t go away.

Thanks for the detailed and extremely helpful reply. Got a dfferent support rep today and he informed me that the first rep never took notes (despite syaing that he had.) This rep sort of virtually shrigged his shoulders and said that this model probably doesn’t work with Samsung A50 (that seems unlikely - Samsung shipped 12 million A50 units in 2019 alone.) He said he coudk issue a credit if I returned them and get me a different model of Soundcore. I asked if that made sense, since he couldn’t help me get it working with the Q30. He then admitted that it did not, and issued me a return label for getting a full refund after I send this pair back. Its a bit odd that he dd not mention ANY of the information you shared. Not impressed with their phone support. I will try these steps but am inclined to just send them back. I work int he tech field and have for many years. A simpel set of Bluetooth headphones, when used with a popular brand and model of phone, should not be this complicated.

Well in general the true wireless buds are the nightmare if the left/right getting confused. They are the nightmare. The wired (left to right) are simpler and tend to simply work.

Some versions of Android are not deleting the pairing record in the database. If your initial pairing didn’t correctly pair the headset + headphone + data then a reset doesnt cure it. You have to do the added steps of wipe the Bluetooth cache after deleting pairing and before next pairing.

Also while the Q30 claims a sort of multipoint it’s not that good in truth, you must connect to the oldest Bluetooth version first and if you move around you can end up connected to newer Bluetooth and then connect to older version fails. For this reason it’s a good hygiene to dedicate a Bluetooth audio product to a specific device and once that pairing works leave it alone.

It gets weirder. Today’s support rep mentioned that if I was having trouble doing the initial pairing because of a message that said I needed an app, I should shut the headphones down for 10 minutes and then start over. In the meantime he issued a return authorization that would get me a full refund, and emailed me a return shipping label. After I finish with that call, the 10 minutes was up, I powered them up again and it worked like a charm! No chance of getting left and right mixed up, is these are over the ear phones and have a big L and a big R printed inside on the phone inserts. I really want Bluetooth rather than wired for a variety of reasons, and I think I’m going to keep these. I looked at reviews of quite a few other brands and models and saw so many negatives about most of them that were under $250 that I was disinclined. Thanks again for your help. I will keep the notes about that whole cache wiping procedure - just in case.

Turn off and leave off for 10 mins, worked. Weird.

May have been just luck of one more resetting?

That seems possible, but in all the time I spent with the support rep on the first day he never suggested doing that nor did he ask me if it had been shut off for 10 minutes or more. The rep I work with on the next call just mentioned it in passing at the very end of the call - after he had already issued the RMA and emailed it to me. Seems to be working now so no complaints for me other than having spent a bit more time on this than I wanted to!

Good to hear you got it working. Congrats!

Hi guys, am facing the same problem. Turning off for 10 minutes, or 10 hrs, neither help. Have tried deleting cache, resetting the Q30 etc, thats not working either. Any other suggestions?

Same problema with Samsung S21…

I have A50 and here is what I did: first unpaired Q30 from any devices that was paired with on my phone and also on paired with any devices it was currently connected to on my nearby Dell PC, which also has Bluetooth. I left the phone turned on and on the screen that has bluetooth pairing mode visible. Completely shut off the Q30 headphones for a full 10 seconds, then turn the back on, at which point the appeared as a device that I could pair with the A50. I did the pairing, then connected, and all was fine. In order to once again use the Dell with the headphones, I unpaired it in the Samsung screen. I don’t recall whether I had to do the 10 second shutdown and restore in order to to be able to pair it again with the Dell.
We are travelling at the moment come up but I can try to run through these steps again and get some photos or screen grabs this weekend. Soundcore support insisted that it seems probable that my Samsung phone model was not compatible with the headphones but I found the impossible to believe.

Enable Gabeldorsche stack in developer options, reset network settings ( and restart.

It worked for me (Samsung S21).

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Hello to everyone having issues connecting Life Q30 to especially samsung phones well i got mine today and i was able to rectify the issue… i have 2 phones an andriod and iphone so i forgot device(that is the Q30) from my andriod and i connected the Q30 to my iphone which it paired perfectly well soo i tried double pairing and once i tapped the power button twice to double pair and searched for available device on my andriod i found Q30 so i tried double pairing and it CONNECTED so anyone having that issue should try this format it works peefectly well too now

Thanks for solution