Life Q30 not charging

Greetings, I bought life Q30 headphones less than a month ago on the 12th July, and the last few days my device hasn’t been charging. I’ve tried different ports, along with 3 different chargers and nothings working. I even bought a new charger, but that one isn’t working either. The red light won’t come on, and when I try and power the device on it won’t work. Any suggestions?


Hmm smart choice to try a mix of different cables and chargers. You should also try a different outlet or power source if you haven’t. I would also check that the port on the headphones is clean and nothing is potentially stuck or blocking the charger from charging. Also is the cable sitting properly in the headphone port when you plug it in or does it look like it might not be sitting properly. You can also email Soundcore support team and they might be able to help

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If you have tried different cables and chargers vice and versa and all doesn’t work.
write to the support!

You should contact support

hi, I am sorry to learn that your Life Q30 is not charging now, this is unusual. Thanks for trying some troubleshooting already, for the charging issue, many customers tried the troubleshooting below to fix the issue. Please have a check.

-Try a different wall charger and cable to charge the headphones till the power indicator turns off (it’s best to use a 5V charger or laptop USB ports, not a Quick Charge charger)

  • Make sure the wall charger and cable you’re using work fine on other devices

If it doesn’t work, please drop an email to "" by detailing the issue and order# for any further warranty assistance.

I was experiencing same charging problem, the RED light turns on then turns off after 3 minutes when plugged in to charge. So I decided to charge it using my PC and it worked perfectly, don’t charge via wall outlets, use your pc or laptop.