Life Q30 - quality problem or I'm unlucky

A picture says more than 1000 words.
A long story is short: I always take great care of my things. Despite of this the headband of my phone just broke. First on one, then a few days later on the other side. I glued it, and now it’s quite acceptable, but not very pretty, and I’m afraid it won’t last forever.

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I have the identical failure on a 2 month old unit.

I’d say not such much quality failure as design failure.

So I’d expect the same to be appearing on Q35 soon.

Where did you buy it? Mine from ANKER Official Store of AliExpress.
I was thinking of upgrade to Q35, but as you mentioned it doesn’t seem to be better in this. Sad thing … :disappointed_relieved:

It was a replacement unit shipped from their Poland warehouse.

I am pondering what to do, as I think it’s an inherent design flaw and the replacement will do exactly the same. To break both sides doesn’t look like a quality issue.

You could have a photo of my unit, totally identical, the crack location and alignment.

Do I understand right? Your first unit broke and then they send you a new one, and it also broke?
I contacted to them (mine was also from the Polish warehouse) and showed the pictures. They told me that it’s not possible to change the defective unit (I offered to send the wrong one back).
They told me that they are going to refund 30%, but until now I got nothing. I’m really don’t know what to do. I like the sound of my Q30, but the build quality …

No. My 1st unit had bad ANC, replaced. 2nd unit had a squeeky whistle left side, replaced. My 3rd unit has the identical crack failure you have.

On the positive side, it was only £56.

I don’t think it’s me, my abuse, as I’ve got 4+ years old Bose and 1+ years old Sony I worn the same way and they not broke so my conclusion is just bad design.

I don’t think I’ll give up the Q30, just when I get replacement I’ll just treat them accordingly - extremely gently so their flaw doesn’t appear too soon.

It’s not the build quality - not bad manufacturing - it’s a bad design - the foam over-head top should be thicker to the edge, I looked at my Sony and Bose to figure why the Q30 failed, and they narrowed the foam before the bit which breaks.

I’m sure all the returns are teaching them what to not do next. Returning and refund is the way to get products better.

While we don’t talk too much about ourselves, I am a qualified structural engineer and know about stress concentration and once I saw the crack I had the Doh! moment.

What makes me have faith in Soundcore (part of Anker) is when I have made a reasonable conclusion of product fault, I have always been treated reasonably and always got satisfaction - they care about our views. So I’m not bothered about a product flaw, as learning to running involves falling down.

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That’s what I’m planning to do. But they don’t want to replace it for me. What was your “trick”? If I understand right we bought our headphones at the same AliExpress shop.
Oh, and now what’s your plan with your last (broken) device? Do you also want to replace it? Maybe it’s already in progress? Please help me how I could achieve this too.

No I bought on Amazon. I’ve avoided AliExpress due to the many numerous accounts of folks of realising it is not a free return and a return is required for refund, as per the AliExpress platform rules.

My recommendation is to not discuss individual warranty cases in a public forum as we have individual situations (how when where).

My advise would be to contact Soundcore support about the issue
Hope support will propose solution.

I agree on contacting support.

Although the headphones are pretty good, I do have some issue with any headphones. I find that sometimes there ends up being some flaw in several of them. I had turtle beach that had a weak swivel arm, or others with similar issue (Strike one slider was too thin).

I think that a tweaks to those weak points could have made a head set from good to great.

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This is why a slowly evolving design often ends up better. Discover what you don’t know, fix, repeat.

Q35 for example they improved the wired option from a common set of issues from Q30.

We know from the app screenshots Q20 successor, I’d expect similarly tweaked the worst bits away.

Q30 was a totally new design hinge, slider.

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Thanks VertigoXX! I wrote to them. I hope there will be some good “solution” for this …

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Well, the situations are different but since both of us bought our product from an official (!) sources, the warranty process should also match. I know the Ali’s platform rule, but the seller could deviate from that. And a big and serious company like Anker / Soundcore should do it!

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Coud you share their response there or wrire to me PM. I buy mostly on Aliexpress as well.

That’s not fair on Anker.

There are different costs of the seller platform to the brand so it’s not fair for those who buy on a lower cost platform to then expect the same policy as a higher cost platform.

While Anker does genuinely seek for good customer satisfaction, using public forums to try to increase warranty is not fair on Anker.

Take it offline is always my advice for individual cases.

Quote from the official (!) product page of AliExpress: (“What’s In The Box”): 18-Month Warranty.

Warranty is warranty and the official is official (at least in my interpretation).

Sure, I’ll do it …

Right but to get a full refund you must return at your own cost. If bought over a longer distance, the return costs are so high users tend to agree a partial refund. Then some of those user (not you) then complain about bad product and not full refund.

I recommend to seek resolution offline respecting that the warranty applies once the platform rules are met.

I paid with PayPal, so it’s not a problem (at least for me).

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Sorry for the late reply!
Well, after a long negotiation I managed to get a 30% refund of the purchase price.
I wrote them in vain that I would be willing to return the product, but they replied that (I quote): “Sorry that we cannot directly send you a replacement, due to the way our system is currently set up. We apologize for the complexity of this issue and hope we can make things right for you. We will offer you a 30% refund via Paypal to make up for the inconvenience according to our warranty policy.”
For this reason, and because VAT has been added to European warehouse products since then, I don’t think it’s really worth buying from AliExpress anymore.

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