LIFE Q30 - Using the mic with the jack

I suggest for the future products to give the possibility to use a 4 poles jack to connect the speaker and mic to other devices, for Skype, calls etc… Because when you want to connect to a device such as office computer without bluetooth isn’t possible to use them.

As said earlier here

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Sorry I didn’t see that part in your review… Anyway could be enough if they give the cable that come with the inline mic instead the 3 poles cable. Simply just changing the default cable.


People are buying inline mic cables as it’s in their power to do that now and not wait for Soundcore.

Going forward, ultimately a decent Windows 10 bluetooth solution needs finding, even if it is a well written step by step guide. It has to be written by someone with Windows 10 to do the screenshots and collate all the fixes based on context.

AUX ports are disappearing so it’s ultimately probably not the best use of time for a 4 port AUX, but we agree its a practical thing Soundcore can do now in their being-developed products.

I’m also getting the impression the beta testers are pretty anaemic, to not test things like this implies they just do a bit of playing not a rigorous real-world usage testing. This AUX issue has come up many times last months, so the Q30 beta testers obviously didn’t test it.