Life Q30 Volume level issues on MacOS

I am not sure why, but 95% of the times when I connect my Life Q30 headphones to my Mac, volume goes down and I need to press the Volume Up key several times to get it back to a normal level. Any workarounds?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I do have the latest firmware installed as reported by Soundcore’s Android app.

I do not know as I have not really thought about that when I have used the q30 connected to a pc and I do not have a Mac to test it that way.

Wonder if this was a function of the MAC vs the headset. If I get time tonight and remember, I can try it with a window pc as I do not remember it changing volume .

Just asking how are you connecting to the MAC. (Cable vs Bluetooth) I know my son loves to connect his with a cable when possible as it is his current preference and know from other comments that it does shut off some functions cable connected…

It may be related with Mac, but I think it happened with my Android phone too. I am connecting through Bluetooth :confused: