Life Q30 vs Bose QC35 In-depth review (Audio Samples)

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00:00 Intro
00:28 ANC Test (Q30)
02:14 ANC Test (QC35)
03:04 Hair Blower
05:03 Music Tests
07:53 Shopping Mall
11:07 Bluetooth Range Test
17:15 Connects to two devices
18:03 Microphone Tests
19:28 App Walk Through
20:46 Charging Test
22:09 Conclusion


Oh wow I will make sure to watch tomorrow. It comes out at 3:00 AM my time.

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Will have to check it out tomorrow

Yes, I was told not to jump the gun as the product won’t be released on 12:00AM PDT

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Thanks, this is the most extensive review I’ve done so far.
24 minutes long. I hope you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for sharing an awesome review!

Great detailed review!! I think this is much better than Life 2 in terms of NC. Mic on Q30 is definitely horrible if you compare to Bose but then again these will be about $80 instead of $300. Might have to see how well my Life 2 does.

I did try to make it clear in the video and description below that Q30 is only 1/4 of the price of QC35.

QC35 is not 4 times better.

Another amazing review by you @Fast_Unboxer :+1::+1::+1:

Wow…fantastic setup for your headset test stand, for testing out

Overall great review, and very technical.
Thanks for sharing,

Looking forward to the next

Thank you all for your kind feedback. I plan to make another one:
Soundcore Motion+ vs Bose SoundLink Mini II

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That is a lot of work put into the analysis. I like it. I wish there were a more thorough written summary, the video was nice to demonstrate thoroughness, but I skipped through sections to get to the summary.

I would love to see your setup used to consistently test a variety of different noise cancelling headphones and set them up for direct comparisons in a table for easy reference.

The answer I have consistently seen is that if you want great noise cancelling for a plane’s engine noise, you pay the money - my brother swears by his Sony WH-1000XM3s as the best option available. It seems like you came to the same conclusion. I am curious how the Sony’s would compare to either of the options in your review.

Thanks for your valuable feedback, which I will take into consideration when making other videos.

  1. A data table as summary is a great idea.
    I just didn’t have the time to do it in order to meet the launch date deadline :frowning:
    Also the noise level baseline was not established. Perhaps I will make another one dedicated to ANC testing with exact noise decibels to make it reproducible, therefore every video can be compared and cross referenced.

  2. Each demo is long, that’s why I create timestamps so skipping is an option. (Some viewers prefer listening to all audio samples :slight_smile:

  3. I may test Sony WH-1000XM4 and Bose QC 700 in the same video :smiley: using the setup, with reproducible “noise generators” and a decibel meter. But I’m not sure if I can post it here without including Q30 in the test.

  4. Please click Like button, or share it on your social media – it sounds cliche but it really helps increase the ranking of this video on Youtube so more people can see it. I currently do not profit from making these kind of videos.

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Soundlink I is much better than the II.

I own these, and the Bose QC35.

The Sony suffered from connecting to one device and if you swap between two devices you’d have to disconnect, but Sony fixed that in the successor as well as improved the ANC.

I’m currently recovering from a broken leg and getting a lot of sleep and I’m using both Sony and Bose to get naps in two places in the house, with the Soundcore Slim wired buds round neck and the Motion+ for when I don’t need to sleep.

To do a Q30 Vs QC35 comparison is only going to help two classes of buyers. Someone who owns the Bose won’t then also buy the Q30 as that’s a step backwards in ANC and microphones, so someone who owns the Bose would be using this video to decide as a gift or recommendation for someone else.

I suspect these videos just help to stop anyone who owns neither from buying the Bose or Sony as Q30 are clearly nearly as good for significantly less cost.

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Really really great review! Love the whole set up that you had to test them! Thank you so much for sharing it on here as well

I own the Q20s, and a Jabra Elite 85H headset that my brother upgraded from to the Sony’s. It is hard for me to tell the difference in just using it for a few minutes here and there - but I have now tried both on multiple plane flights, and find myself less exhausted a few hours of wearing the 85H vs the Q20s. Plane travel is unpleasant for me either way. For short stints in less noisy environments, the Q20s are actually a little more comfortable - that improved ANC is barely noticeable to myear, but makes a difference.

There is no standard noise cancelling test I am aware of that allows you to compare improvements across models or manufacturers, so all the claims in the marketing material aren’t directly comparable. What the reviewer here did has value, but more so to the extent that more models are compared.

I would consider buying the Q30s if they were demonstrably better than what I have already. But it takes a decent size test sample to start making that useful to a lot of people to compare to what they already have or have experience with. And if the test showed that the Sony’s were enough better, I would consider spending the extra money to reduce travel noise exhaustion.

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Hi Professor and @ jercox,

My brand new Sony WH-1000XM4 and a consumer grade decibel meter arrived today.
Also Bose 700 is on its way.

I ran a quick test and made an astonishing discovery (premature) – I cannot believe what I SAW on the recorder meter!

Although I can’t wait to share the data with you, I need to more time to process and learn about the new Sony headphones to develop more reliable, organized, reproducible test cases as I mentioned above.


You are welcome, thanks for your support. This test is very interesting to me as well.

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oooo i cant wait for this now too