Life Q30 vs Bose QC35 In-depth review (Audio Samples)

If you’re referring to the continual technology improvement, the M4 better than the M3, then yes that’s been reviewed by others

The issue here in Soundcore is not the relative performance, but the relative price/performance. Someone owning a Sony M3 is unlikely to buy the Q30 and cease using their M3, just like someone owning the M3 won’t ditch them for the M4, as the differences in performance are incremental.

The price reduction in ANC brings it into the budget range of those who don’t own any ANC.


I’m referring to the X1000M4 noise cancelling performance (I don’t have X1000M3).
I’m not going to talk about other features already reviewed countless times by others.

I know.

The M4 ANC has been improved over M3.

The M4 vs the Q30 ANC would be of interest here.

I would be interested in either. A used or refurb mx3 is more likely to be an alternative to a Q30 than a full priced mx4

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This M4 is 340 Euros.
So is a comparing really legal?

You can compare price performance.

Yes. Results are astonishing.

I cant wait to see them when they are released, then!

Why Q30 uses codec ANC and Liberty Air use codec Qualcom aptx? Why Q30 does not use codec Qualcom aptx?

I’ve no idea. I don’t work for Soundcore.

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Hello, thank you. I assume you don’t work for Soundcore. Sorry if I implied otherwise. I just wanted to know if there was any other reason not to use the Qualcom codec than to lower the cost.

@Fast_Unboxer Hello, could you share microphone samples for Q30 and Q20. Huge thank you for you reviews.

Work in progress.

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Hi Professor,

Sony 1000mx4 vs Bose 700 and QC35

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Is there a text summary?

Thanks for sharing - summary:

All are comfortable. Both Bose headphones have better ANC than the Sony - which surprised me a bit.

Text summaries are generally a good idea. I like your methodology, but it is a real struggle to make out details of what you are saying at times, especially if trying to jump around for the highlights rather than listen straight through. I generally want to spend a few minutes getting the information from a review, not a 25 minute video.

The summary is at the end of the video.
Perhaps I should do a summary up front?
Thanks for your feedback.
I will improve in my next review for Apple Airpods Max.

Bose has better ANC than Sony.

I’d rather have the facts in fewest seconds, followed by raw data and opinions at end.

The dB reduction for example in a simple table is a fact.

I can read faster than people can speak so videos are the worst form of information but good if you’re skeptical of a claim to then go through the evidence seeing how it was obtained. I like to see how you did it so don’t stop what you do. But to simply want to know which has better ANC …

Not specifically about you, just in general.

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Good suggestion. It will be implemented in my next video Q30 vs 1000mx4 to be viewer friendly.


I can tell you put in many hours of testing, the setup, the recording (unseen redos) editing and upload. So thanks for that.

If you’re sure your audio setup and distance are repeatable you could simply do the identical test on each product, add the results to a growing table and link to the video. Then you collect the data in a very ingestible way with the proof to back up any challenge.

So the white noise you make, you do make the noise the same way but the place you do it is different between videos. If you keep same setup you don’t have to do 3 different tests for each across multiple videos.

Having the proof of performance is excellent and I simply never watch an opinion based video ever. Opinions are just moving salts across a synapse while facts take true effort.