Life Q30 will not connect to S21+


I just got my Life Q30s and cannot get them to connect. They will successfully pair with my phone but once I go through the app to connect them, the app cannot find them. It tells me to open my Bluetooth setting and select the device but when I do it says “an app is needed to use this device.” I am doing this through the app though.

Troubleshooting I’ve already tried:
Reset headphones
Restart phone
Disconnect and reconnect headphones with phone
Delete and reinstall the app
Clear my Bluetooth cache and date
Connect using NFC

I have a Galaxy S21+

It seems like I’ve read a couple of people having issues connecting to a Samsung phone. I have the Q30 and have no issues connecting to my LG G8. I’d contact customer support and see if they have any ideas. Good Luck!


I had some issues with the Q35. But the app/phone normally find the headphones and connect as they should.

I’d contact support. Make sure to tell them what troubleshooting steps you have already tried and the results (any error messages) received.

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