Life q30 wired issues

I got a set of Life q30 headphones a week ago and have been using exclusively the bluetooth pairing, and I love them. However today I tried using them wired and they didnt really work like that. The sound cut in and out. It wasnt pausing or anything, its just that the audio would only come through a couple seconds at a time before going silent again for a while. I tried it with both the cord that came in the package with the headphones, and a spare Aux I had laying around. I also tried it with several different devices and had the same issue. Is there any way to fix this, or should i return them while theyre still new?

The headphones are quite new, so I would contact the support and ask what to do.

I agree with @Chiquinho . Reach out to support and see if they have any suggestions. That’s a really strange issue to be having.

I’d suspect a short in the connection. Perhaps not plugged in fully, or the aux port isn’t robust.

As you’ve tried other aux cables and devices, I’d think it’s the aux port.

As @Chiquinho and @TaborTech suggest, it would be good to reach out to service, make sure to detail out to them your efforts, as it will help in speed of response / resolution.

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