Life Q35; continuously playing low frequency sound while in Noise cancelling mode

I recently bought soundcore life Q35 and after a month of using it, i noticed a sound (low frequency sound like rattling sound) that is continuously playing in the speaker of the Q35. When i power on the headset initially it doesnt have this sound, but after few minutes of playing music or movie, then the sound appear. I have the latest firmware for the headset. I do not know if the item i bought maybe is defective.
Thank you.

Could be defective.
As you bought the headphones a month ago, these should be under warranty.
I would contact the support.
Don’t forget to submit all “numbers” from the box etc.

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Weird is, i kept the noise cancelling mode in transport mode using soundcore app and the sound comes up…now i change the mode to outdoor and the sound doesnt come up. Something with transport mode? 🤷

I have the Q30. All ANC adds hiss, but each mode of ANC adds different types. I find it least worst to use Transport mode.

Sounds strange. I would coontact customer service by email

I contacted the soundcore support but they havent came back to me. They only acknowledged the email but didn’t came back yet.

Wait til Monday