Life Q35 | Live Unboxing and First Look

:rotating_light:Life Q35 is here!:rotating_light:

Tune in tonight at 5PM PST / 8PM EST to watch Sean and Antwan Richardson from Just Doin’ Life on YouTube, take a first look at Life Q35 in a special unboxing livestream.

Tune in HERE



Looking forward to this!

Will need to set my timer. Lol

I was right: it will be in the middle of the night :rofl:

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@VertigoXX Set the alarm clock well!:joy:

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Sadly won’t be able to attend as I will be in a test during this time. I also thought this was supposed to be streamed yesterday for the product launch

Wait isn’t it gonna be like 1am for @sean.L?

I’m here, popcorn is popped. :smile:

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Nice unboxing video as always

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Nice stream @sean.L was good to see Antwan and catch up with how things are going.

The headphones look quite nice,and refined. Excited to be able to put them through the paces.


I was able to watch the replay after my exam and would have to say @sean.l has some pretty amazing unboxing skills :joy: always love these live streams and Antwan was great as always

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