Life Q35 - MS Teams Call Quality/Artifacts


I have now been racking my brain trying to alleviate this extremely annoying issue I have been having with 2 sets of Q35 headsets (i had the first pair RMA’ed for this issue, but it is still present in the replacement pair). With the fact that I have now had 2 pairs with the same issue, it appears to be software/firmware related. I can run other bluetooth over the ear headsets without the audio issue appearing at all.

When using the headset for Microsoft Teams (it also happened to me in Zoom, but I don’t use it as much) as the ‘default communications device’ I get fairly frequent ‘artifacts’ (pops/squeaks/breakups), when listening to others in meetings. It makes the headphones almost unusable for calls in Teams.

The Windows machine I am using is running Windows 11 and a USB 5.0 bluetooth receiver.

I have also tried the Q35’s on my Android (Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12) with the same result.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar results with these headphones or if anyone has any other thoughts on how to remediate.

I have tried settings on both the Teams site (noise cancellation, etc.) as well as settings on the SoundCore side (ANC on/off, different EQ,s etc.)

Also of note, when just using the headphones to listen to content on both devices, they are rock solid (no artifacts, etc.).



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Maybe give this a try, was recent thoughts on drivers…

Yes, win 10, but may give insight to future issues.

Same problem here with windows 10 and soundcore Q30 firmware 2.30
Did you find a solution?


Afraid not. I went through several things with tech support and they were unable to resolve the issue for me. They even sent me a Q30 to try as well and I had the exact same issue.

I eventually just purchased a dedicated mic that I now run separate from my headphones on my PC setup and the issue is no longer present (it only occurs when using the microphone in the headset).

Not s great solution at all, but they couldn’t figure it out and i do really like the sound quality of the headphones for music… This at least allows me to use them for meetings as well as listening to various audio sources.


Too bad. Thanks for quick response

Does q35 bass is less as compared to other products… It feels in such a way

I have a similar issue, but I don’t even reach the call quality stage. MS Teams crashes completely when I try to take a call on my Q35s. Firmware is up to date. WIn11 22H2