Life Q35 problems (Solved)

Hello everybody.
Doe anyone else have the same problems with the new soundcore life Q35?

  1. When listening music .flac with LDAC codec every 14.5 seconds I hear glitch noise in both headphones.

  2. When listening to music or watching videos, depending on how I position my head the media pause by itself… then I move my head straight back and it’s resume on.

  3. Sound quality of the microphones is not that good. I looked at mostly all first videos test on the web and depending on the tester qualities are from ok to ugly. Mine is not fat from ugly.

  4. When watching a movie I need to pause it approximately every 2 to 5 minutes to re-synchronise the video and the sound.

  5. Sometimes the left headphones doe produce a very low frequency wave… no music or anything is actually playing but around 30Hz, 3 tones by second during around 30 seconds… very strange :thinking:

Thanks girls and guys.
Have a great one.

Update :
Soundcore support Team solved most of it with the V.1.18 update.

The EQ problem is still there (when you change between normal to ANC) but they worked fast so it’s looks like they will do something about that too.



I haven’t had much time in on mine yet, but have noticed some pauses at random when listening to music. I’m thinking it’s the wear detect that is being funny…

Mind you, as I have iOS device I cannot check on the LDAC issues…

I haven’t noticed any lag or latency with YouTube or Netflix.

I’ve tried s few calls and used the patch cord. Through the inline mic, good quality and over call it was pretty good too.

I’ll have more details in my rescue review video soon :wink: sooooo much to check out :wink:

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If you’re having a wear detection issues you could always turn it off in the app. Personally I haven’t had issues with it in the way you have but it also should be noted the wear detection sensor is only in the right earcup

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iOS glitch… wondering if Android has similar?

I haven’t had too many problems yet. Firmware updates will solve all these problems.

No firmware update here yet, still 1.11

But still spotty detection… best to keep them on then I guess… lol

Thanks, I’ll wait til it’s released, it’s not a big deal for me,.

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I just have a 2-3 second delay from the time I remove the right cup and when the music/audio stops lol. Same but longer delay on LA2P which I’ll have to let customer service know since no update has made a difference