Life Q35 Review + Codecs Explained

See my review below. I added an unboxing/review/ANC samples/Mic Samples, and an explanation for how Codecs work and how to achieve LDAC quality on Android/iOS.


Thanks for your interesting review; especially for the microphone samples, and explaining how the codecs work. Have a good day!

No problem. Glad it helped someone! Still learning how to give good reviews.

Nice review! Thanks for sharing how to get LDAC on iOS. It’s kinda crazy how complicated it is and Apple doesn’t support it. Idk if it is really important though especially to me since I’m not an audiophile

Nice review just got the chance to check it out

Yea personally, all the fancier codecs aren’t worth it until they’re standard use for iOS. Apple went with optimizing ACC and honestly the sounds is great anyway and its hard to even tell. I haven’t personally used LDAC or APTx with iOS so I cant confirm, but on Android I couldn’t really tell at all.

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