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Welcome to the Life Q35 megathread where you can find all the latest reviews! We’ll keep this updated so keep checking back for everything Life Q35 related :headphones::grinning:

“Anyone who wants effective ANC, great sound, good build quality, plus support for LDAC, all at a sensible price, should look no further than the Soundcore’s Life Q35. Highly recommended.”

Check out the review HERE.


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Wow this is great! I am a Life Q35 tester, and I still haven’t received my one! Can’t wait to test it though.

@Hannah It’s a good idea to organize everything related to the topic of the new Life Q35 headphones and gather all the information in one place.:+1:t2:


Should find some time to watch those.

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So many nice review have dropped already seems like it has really nice package king

Some very good videos and diverse content. Hope to see some. Ore from the community members soon :+1:

@Hannah, thank you very much for selecting me as early reviewer and for the collection of available reviews.
Just today I have finished and uploaded my German review video. :slight_smile:

I´m very surprised about the superb sound quality of the Q35 :open_mouth:



Thank you again for selecting me as a tester for the new headphones, here’s my review on this superb product! @Hannah

Looking forward to all the other reviews coming soon!


Thanks for sharing your review!

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Thanks for sharing your review too!

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Thanks for sharing. Nice

Nice. Thanks for sharing


Thank you very much @VertigoXX .

They look great on all fronts - hoping to have mine in hand tomorrow and get to testing for myself!

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Cheers @VertigoXX

These look great but for now the Q10 work great for me. Maybe upgrade down the road.

Already watched a couple reviews. Nice.

I am using old Space NC. Sound is excelent.

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Very nice review, great camera work and good insights on the new headphones :+1:

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