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Cheers! @TheSnarkyOne

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I saw a review the other day that YouTube said came out in February. Do we think this is a YouTube typo or someone put it out there early?

Does anyone else have popping when using the q35’s with their mac? I do.

February was likely beta or simply error.

Did you mean this from February?

As it’s two months old I’d suggest it’s probably not as valid as the newer reviews.


It’s a bit strange. I tried to search for a review a couple weeks ago and find nothing.

Hi all! My review for the Life Q35 (vs Q30) is also live on YouTube now! Spoiler alert…they’re awesome!

Soundcore Life Q35 (vs Q30) In-Depth Review

I’d be grateful if you could check it out!

Adam - insidetech

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Life Q35 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones: unboxing & first impression :thinking:


None my side, been crystal clear with Mac. Only issue I have is occasionally the wear detection kicks in on the Mac whilst I’m still wearing them!

Thanks for sharing your review!

Nicely done unboxing. Looking forward to your review.

@acerockztech Thanks for the Q35 unboxing video.
I am waiting for the review - I am especially interested in your opinion about the sound quality of LDAC.
Have a nice weekend!:grinning:

My review now out as well! Let me know your thoughts.
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