Life Q35 - unboxin’ and such

Hey everybody, hope your having a great weekend…

I’ve dropped my unboxing of the Q35s today, if that’s your bag…

Still working on how to get YouTube to play nice… but it’s up and ready for viewing :wink:

If anybody has some helpful hints on all things YouTube, PM me pls :pray:

Looking to have the review by mid week!


Nice review … I need to get mine out as well. I think several things I had planned out did not pan out… dang work…lol

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Work… kids… chores… lol list never seems to get shorter…

Thanks for the video coverage of unpacking your Q35s, despite family and professional responsibilities🙂.

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Lol I had the same expression when I opened the box and saw the paper cover thing and velvet case. Hope you’re liking the headphones! My only suggestion would be to have the background music a little lower since it was hard to understand what you were saying at times


Nice un boxing and such! Always sucks when YouTube doesn’t play nice

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Nice. Thanks

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Thanks, had the volume down to 20% on the music… always hard to telll when playing it back.

I’ll try a little lower for the review vid… hoping to have it out soon.

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