Life Q35 Unboxing and Test

I would like to thank Soundcore for the opportunity to test out the Life Q35 headphones. Here is my video of my unboxing experience, hope you enjoy it!

Starting with the packaging, it certainly feels more premium with the harder box and the opening flaps that cover the headphones. The detail put into the box really helped to get me more excited as I dug into these new headphones.

As I continue from the flaps, I immediately found a much better carrying case compared to those from the previous models. The material which I later found to be protein leather gave the case a smooth texture similar to suede which just amplified the whole idea of quality and the feeling of premium.

Following the case, the headphones were placed inside along with the charging cable, audio cable and a new audio splitter that was not seen before. The headphones at first seemed like an updated version of the previous generation, but to be honest, the Q30 looked pretty nice already and these are even better now.

The headphones feature a dark blue colour which I personally love. The blue colour is darker than the blue versions of the Q30 and with the shiny bits looking more subtle compared to the gold bits from before. The headphones feature play buttons, volume buttons, a power button, and the noise-cancelling button. There is also a touch-sensitive button located at the soundcore logo for conveniently switching between noise cancellation modes. The headphones are charged through USB-C and the audio cable now has a 90-degree angle for connecting to laptop audio jacks.

Moving on, I put on the headphones and notice the earcups are a bit sturdier and fit better on my head.
As I turned on the headphones and connected the Bluetooth, the soundcore app immediately began to function. There are 3 modes of noise cancellation modes. First, there is normal where nothing is done to the sound around you. Second, there is the noise-cancelling mode which is separated into 3 modes: Transport, Indoor and Outdoor. The noise-cancelling works very well isolating all the unwanted noises from my ears including my mom calling me for dinner :joy So I’m just wondering if it blocks out my mom yelling at me which I will probably get the chance to test out soon. The app also features different preset EQ modes for the different types of music played. There is also the option for a custom equalizer. Besides these functions, there is also an interesting feature called sleep mode where relaxing noises are played such as bird noises, wind noises and train noises. (Demonstrated in the video).

In terms of sound quality, there is an improvement from the previous generations. The new Hi-Res wireless and LDAC certifications really helped the sound quality through wireless connections. Music sounds crispier now and I am also getting punchier bass from these headphones. I did get the chance to test out the new AI mic functions and there is quite a significant improvement. The person on the other side of the line can now easily hear what I am saying without me repeating even with background noise.

Overall, the Life Q35 is a great pair of headphones. Soundcore has really put in the effort to improve the quality of their headphones while remaining at an affordable price tag. I have not experienced any issues with the headphones up to now and I am very happy with my experience. I would like to thank Soundcore once again for the opportunity to try these out. If you haven’t watched the video yet here’s the link: If you have any questions please ask below and have a nice day! :grinning:


White glove treatment… very well put together video… stunning opening!!

Nice photos and concise descriptions too!

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