Life tune app support

I saw in the internet that the life tune and the life q30 has no major difference. I considered buying the life tune. I wanna know if the life tune works with the soundcore app.

It does have app support.

A while back several of us had notices a trend by Soundcore in some of their devices. They would name the headsets by two different names. I think the q30 and the life tune were the same, if I remember correctly.

A running theory was that one was more of an online vs in store model. So that it would not affect sales of the other devices that were mainly online.

So if you do buy other soundcore devices in the future, you may want to remember that in the future in your search for a headset or earbuds.

I have not done a big comparison but I do think there were a couple with two of the same device with different names.

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Thnx :heart: