Life Tune is def in walmart

Seen post someone had on the life tune or q30 bein at walmart and not sure if they r the same or not as im waitin to get the q30 thru soundcore as soon as they drop…I’m all signed up but this is at a Walmart in Dilworth MN had to check as I was grabbin some groceries

Any more details on the side of the box?

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Yea would love to learn the differences between Q30 and Tune

Battery life on Tune is 60 hrs but Q30 only has 40 so maybe no transparency mode on Tune?

Think Q30 is 60 with anc off and 40 with anc on

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Could be it. But since they advertise 60 on these (Life Tune) and 40 on Life Q30, it sure feels like Tune would be missing something

We had a post about the Q30s on Amazon - between that, and the picture up there, they both appear to offer Hybrid ANC, and 60 hours of battery without ANC on - I am almost wondering if the Tune is just a different name so that walmart gets a unique product name? There doesn’t appear to be much difference otherwise.

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