Life Tune Pro = Offline Q35?

Great headphones. I hope you enjoy them.


Looks like Costco drop ships them directly from Anker here goes nothing!


They do have the little S foam piece

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Does the 3.5mm cord have the in-line Mic? I’m assuming by the Pic it’s the Blue Color? Lastly, does it come with the Airplane Adapter?

I guess what I’m really asking is: Is it the same as the Q35, just renamed?

Inquiring minds want to know, eh?


Not that it really matters because costco

doesn’t sell them anymore but yep


Oh that was short-lived.

They do look a whole lot like the q35.

Now I think it would be funny to try to sync them to the app and select the q35 instead of the Life Tune Pro and see if they connect to the q35 in the app although I would think nothing would happen to them but you never know… :rofl:

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The foam is great for spot cleaning the headphones. Kind of like a shoe shine cloth

They are different FCC product code so I very much doubt that will work but also the FCC said identical so I think they’ll work in the app identical.

Odd that they do some products like this but not all. Probably related to Costco specific needs.

Well I assumed they would not work that way as well but probably will try on mine when the replacement 30s are back for my son as he is using mine. I find at my job a lot of folks do not think of testing in this way (ie same product different versions of it). They tend to want to test linear which means a lot of missed issues potentially

Thanks for confirming that they seem to be the same as the Q35’s :+1:. I’m somewhat surprised they aren’t selling them anymore though.

I find some of these places just ever changing their product that it is hard to keep track of.

Life Tuner Pro: strange mysterious product: in sales, no sales :thinking:.


Sales me once shame on me…no sales me twice shame on you . Lol

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Thread necro, but the information here was helpful to me and thought I would add to it for future searchers.

When I received my Life Tune Pro from Costco they would only pair to the Soundcore app as Q35.

I contacted support and after some chatting received the following information:

“The Life Tune Pro is A3030 which is only sold in offline stores, A3027 is Life Q35 which is sold in online channels. But for A3027Z31, it is Costco’s special version–named Soundcore Life Tune Pro.”

They then had their engineers push a new firmware to my device based on the Serial Number I provided and the app started recognizing the device as Life Tune Pro. So, seems the Costco model is the A3027 (Q35) with a different firmware.

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Any idea what is physically different with the Costco specific model?

Sublimal “eat pizza” audio feed? :thinking:

This is my first pair of over-ear Soundcore headphones. So I don’t have a base for comparison against the normal Q35 or Life Tune Pro. The only thing I noticed, which prompted me to ask support, was that the app would only recognize them as Q35. And when I looked at the headband and saw this:

Soundcore Life Tune Pro
Model : A3027
FCC-ID : 2AOKB-A3027

I had done some other research on these and Anker lists the Pro as A3030:

So I was concerned that mine being A3027 (Q35) was in error. That’s where I got the response from support. I would guess that these are the Q35 with Pro shell. Although, again, I couldn’t speak to what the differences on internals between the Q35 and Pro are.

I already about the online+offline part, the surprise is there in addition a Costco specific hardware version - very surprising that specific detail. So in effect 3 versions. Scary.

Personally I wished they’d get rid of offline and fewer versions it just removes a complexity and confusion.