Life Tune - Volume at maximum

Hi guys .

I purchased a Live Tune headphone , and I made sure that this headphone matches the life q30 except for slight differences in the color level ( Confirmed by Anker) .

I found the sound quality to be great, the bass is great, the headphones are comfortable, but there is a problemi found which is that those around you can clearly hear what you are listening to when the volume is maximum .

Is this a defect in the headphone ?? Or can it be modified by making some changes on eq settings !!!

Tell us more about the phone/Laptop the headphones are connected to.

I haven’t tested it on a laptop yet, but my laptop is HP ProBook 450 G5

my phone is Huawei GR3 2017

Do a test with another device.
Testing an item with only one device is not sufficient. :grinning:

yeah i understand that

but the sound leakage when i play a music on my Huawei phone was crazy

do you think that the problem from my phone ??

and i will test it using differnet devices

I have the Q30 yes it’s an open outside design plenty of places for sound to leak out. It is a deliberate sound choice. The upside is less sweaty ears.

If you want others to hear less turn down the sound.

I think the Life Tune is like the Q30 purely from they look the same.

I fully understand this and according to the design of the headphone , it is normal for there to be a sound leakage… But the leakage is so big that everything I hear is audible to everyone around me.

This is annoying to me… and lowering the volume is not a solution because I will not enjoy listening to music

Not sure what to tall you. I never listen to mine at full volume so I don’t have that issue… If you can only be happy at Max Volume and you don’t want others to hear you, the only choices are: Don’t listen to them with others around or return them

Sound leakage depends on passive noise isolation.

There isn’t any for this.

If they did then the issue becomes comfort.

I have some Sony over-ear headphones with passive isolation, I use them less than Q30 in part due to the Q30 being less sweaty

I don’t have the Q35, which I think is also known as the Life Tune XR, it seems to have beefier ear cups so may have better noise isolation.

In any future product, the engineer would have an interesting challenge between comfort and isolation.

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