Light show settings

I think it would be cool if in the presets there were

For the Lights -

Oldschool Tube amp
Proper rainbow
Single Individual color choice
2 tone color choice
•top-bottom (lolololol)
Single Rotating light (like oldschool police siren)
Eq mock( and you could choose which “decibel” you wanted it to mimic{for the nerds})
Color wheel choice gradiant for every setting…
…Except for oldschool tube amp.

A way to save patterns you come up with while jammin out to play automatically with the song you made it for on your playlist!!

Strobe- preset patterns to easily switch between and then a way to save patterns to play with a playlist

a way to control strobe speed

When you hold down the strobe that it will auto strobe whichever preset you set for that action

I’m sure you all have thought of stuff too

Oh yeah, the delay between press and action out

Which product? The beatlight?

Are you talking about one of the Flare Series?