List all headphones on to buy


Yall really need to get all available headphones and earbuds, more specifically all the new ones that are listed on your website, to be able to be brought. As it is now, all of the new earbuds show as coming soon and cannot be brought, despite that they are available for purchase on Amazon.

It has been over a month since these earbuds have been introduced and yet here we are still struggling to be able to purchase them. I also think it’s not fair that we are able to trade our notes in for coupons, which can.only be used on, but are limited to what we can buy because yall refuse to list all new earbuds for sale.

Even the Life P2, which is new and available to buy, cannot be brought on soundcore because you link it to purchase from Amazon. Making our coupons worthless…


Yes! I can’t agree more! There are tons of products offered by soundcore that aren’t available on the site. It’s ridiculous.

And it’s not just soundcore- it’s every single anker brand!!

I actually did email soundcore support about this once, and the following was their response…

” For Soundcore Speaker and Headphones, we have a large quantity of SKUs so normally we will not put all products on our official website. Our Marketing team and Brand Management team will decide which items will be sold on our Official website, base on our internal sales plan.”

Take from that what you will.

This happens.
Don’t forget, there are much more really big problems in our little word,
Ours is only quite a small one.

Have to agree, the items I bought with my coupon will probably be stocking stuffers since the items I really want arent there yet. I was forced to go through instead.

It’s really annoying because the only thing I want and need is the Spirit X2. I’m not interested in anything else. I got 2 weeks to use my coupon @alicia.wu can we please get this listed on the website so I can purchase them

Something from the icon series :man_shrugging:. Or maybe a down payment on the rave :joy:

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I’m so sad now, I just got word that the spirit x won’t be available until December on the soundcore website. Guess I will have to figure something else to get :sob:

You showed me this meme once…

downloadfile I’m coming for you

@TechMan and @Tank - y’all crack me up!!

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