Livestream | Discover The Latest Tech For Your Home

This week come and discover some of the latest tech for your home with @SoundcoreAdam

Join in the discussion here!at 5pm PT :+1:

We’ll be looking at some great products including…

Liberty Neo True Wireless Earbuds

Life Q10

Nebula Astro Portable Projector

eufy Baby Monitor

eufycam 2 3-Cam kit

eufy HomeVac H11


5 pm PT -> :sleeping_bed: :sleeping:


What exactly happens in these live-streams?

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Will try to join today, the Nebula Astro Portable Projector looks interesting :wink:


We have a conversation about these products and answer questions as they come up. I typically hold them up on screen, and sometimes show what the accessories are in the box.

I’m hoping we can in fact have the livestream today as there is a technical issue that came up that I’m working through to get it to function properly. The stream may be delayed by 30 min or an hour if we are close to resolving the issue.

Stay tuned.


I was just gonna say! That Nebula Projector looks like an alien being.

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I won’t be at the livestream today. I broke my ankle at work today so I have to go to an urgent care facility and have it checked out.


Take care of your ankle and stay safe :+1:

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Got pulled into something last minute… Will watch the recorded stream :pensive:

Thanks @Shenoy.

I’ll be out of work for at least a few days, possible a few weeks.

Hopes of my new laptop are gone :sob:.

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I can only imagine the potential pain. I know I came close with one of my numerous ankle sprains. I did breaks a finger playing once and I pulled it back into place. It was not smart to do that as I forgot I had my class ring on and did not think about swelling. lol

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I really hope you get better! Please rest ankles are tricky joints

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The portable projector looks interesting to me as an option for a second monitor in my travel computer bag. But a little bit concerned that the brightness won’t actually be high enough for the environments I would be in.

Especially in this day and age, anything that allows communication with slightly more distance is a positive thing.

Just joining now. I know super late but will watch the replay later :sweat_smile:

Hope you are feeling better with the ankle and don’t have a fracture or anything

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Turns out it’s actually my lower leg that’s fractured :sob:. Dr. Said it’s not too bad, but 3 weeks off work…

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Ok glad it’s not that bad but three weeks sucks. You’re health is definitely more important though

Oh god I had twisted my ankle just before the whole pandemic thing kicked off. Thankfully it wasn’t a fracture but it still kinda hurts when I really try to stretch it. Hope you feel better soon

Nebula Astro does look very attractive and awesome :ok_hand:

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